Modular Home Piers

I am trying to understand the foundation or piers footing. I am using my buddies house as a guide line to understand more. I see his footings having block, wood, block & others have to smaller blocks, wood, block. Are these two types of stacking ok? Attached pictures for a better understanding

Doesn’t really matter much with permanent support. Distributes the weight better on block rather than block to block.

The only thing i would be concerned with is the wood on the bottom, so close to the dirt . is it treated?

Thanks for your help guys

Only issue with the wood is compression than can allow some settling. It’s done this way often and would pass code but over time wood compresses and can cause uneven settling.
Just FYI on any install advice you might be giving someone.

I was thinking of termites to George

Very true.

You meant to say manufactured home, right?

Many confuse the two…