Moisture Issues in Houses

A very informative article from CMHC on moisture.

This article was published as part of the technical documentation produced for BuildingScience Insight '83, “Humidity, Condensation and Ventilation in Houses”, a series of seminars presented in major cities across Canada in 1983.
***Moisture Sources in Houses - NRC-IRC Page 11 of 12

Attended the Moncton, NB session. The head table of 4 had so much information between them that you did not want them to go, even after a 7 hour day of presentations. The poor thing about these sessions (which cost only $150-175) was that they were not that well attended. The Moncton session only had 11-12 attendees…about 1/2 other gov’t housing/building types…only 2 architects…couple of private home manufacturers/builders… my partner at the time and myself.

Like this upcoming seminar? I will be in attendance.

Yup. The series is still humming after 25+ years!