Moisture Meter $100

I doubt anyone here needs this unit. Nor is it even mine. But it certainly looks like a fascinating vintage piece of technology

Vintage MM .


Yeah right!

It look like something that Kevorkian used. Nick would want that. They don’t make them like they used to. Perfect thing for the boulder inspection Museum.

I wonder how often it would need calibrated… :smiley:

I wonder who would know how to calibrate it… :thinking:

this is the guy!

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Such devices can, and are, still calibrated at a Metrology Laboratory. Back in my “younger days” I used a similar meter in the incoming materials quality control department of the defense plant at which I was employed during the nastiness in SouthEast Asia.

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Lab aside, you can bet a piece of equipment that old suffers from a multitude of dried up and leaking capacitors. Accurate measurement and adjustment is simply impossible without replacing the caps.

That is why you send it to the lab in the first place. The ones I know can also do repairs as needed to keep the units in proper condition - provided you can pay the fee. New electrolytics are not really that expensive compared to the original price of the instrument. However, I will grant you a time will come when the unit should be retired to a museum. Sometime this “replace it” because of its’ age attitude we all seem to have developed does frighten me. Guess I am next because I am 7 plus decades.

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Its size is a far more important factor than its age.