moisture meter needed in Maryland

Help. Anyone know of any stores in Maryland (the closer to Baltimore the better) that sell moisture meters? I have temporarily misplaced mine and I need one for an inspection tomorrow. Any help appricieated. I’ll settle for cheap-o one just to get by for a few days and to have an extra one handy. thanks. -mike

Grainger Supply will have one:

2100 Haines St.
Baltimore, MD 21230-3206
Phone: (410) 234-0184
Fax: (410) 783-9387

Branch Hours:
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

(Monday - Friday)

View Map and Get Directions](

thanks. good thinking. i didn’t even think of them. -mike

Sure, no problem. Just remember that if you don’t already have an account with them then you will need to fill out a short application for a business account. I think all they need is a business card to prove who you are. They also have at least one other location in Baltimore and you can see that other location if you follow the link on my 1st post. Looks like they have moisture meters from $50 - $300 or so. Good luck.

any other idea’s? the local Grainger warehouses do not have any in stock.

nevermind, i found one at a baltimore location. of course all they had was the most expensive one!