moisture meter

I’m considering investing in a moisture meter. Any suggestions as to what type I should get–pin or pin-less? Will the $50 meter serve my home inspector needs as much as the $400 meter?

Depends on what you need the tool for.
I have both, and I use both.

What do you think?:wink:
Tools from Big Lots serve a purpose in some people’s arsenal, but not mine.


Ditto on what Dominic said. I have both

I believe that professionals should use professional equipment. I’ve owned, used, lost and had repaired moisture meters from a variety of manufacturers. Some better than others.

My day-to-day go-to meter is a Delmhorst BD-2100 because of the ruggedness, reliability, calibration capability and external connector. I would highly recommend getting a remote probe with a tapped handle that you can mount on a painter’s pole for checking high ceilings. I wouldn’t be afraid to pick up a clean used meter either.

Ditto with the opinion, but my day-to-day is the Protimeter Surveymaster. My current in use is about 10 years old and going strong. I have an identical backup thats about 3 years old and virtually never gets used.