Moisture meter

I need to buy my first moisture meter.
There are so many to pick from.
Any suggestions? Under $100.00

Roy Drangstveit

There are no reliable instruments upon which a legitimate home inspector could use to provide reliably accurate information in a home inspection report regarding a defect relating to moisture for less than $100…other than his flashlight.

If you plan to compete with the big boys, Roy, you need to invest in your education, equipment and marketing.

Agreed. Your looking at about 300 - 500 Roy.

Extech makes an excellent pin meter for around $100 (model MO210)

You have a link?

Protimeter (mfg by GE) make a nice mini meter for about $175.00

This one uses a regular 9v battery.
Had this one over five years and it works great.

No ,do you have Google?:slight_smile:
Just happen to own one and they are at Grainger.

:mrgreen:I knew you were busy Bob, so I gave it to him. :wink:

Moisture Meters are basically Ohmmeters.

That is a good article Brian.
My Lignometer is well over 25 years old. Pin. Compared it with a digital model the boss’s brother bought for $200 and came up with the same reading. :slight_smile:

I finally bought a moisture meter this year. Went pinless and inexpensive.

I hardly ever use it, for the most part if there is moisture I can see it. :wink:

Doug Edwards posted a link to an inexpensive moisture meter once or twice, if you ask him nice I am sure he will post it again.

I see crappy, incomplete, pictures from ir guys all the time telling me they can not see moisture stains John, nothing new.