Moisture Meters and Inspection

Lots of Storm damage and Remediation inspections going on right now. I have been teaching Infrared Thermography for > 25 Years and have worked for and with Flir, Agema ann many manufacturers before becoming a camera manufacturer and CEO of ICI Infrared Cameras Inc. We all know they are excellent tools in building Inspection but they do not measure moisture. What most inspectors don’t know is sensor sensitivity rules. With all of the flooding where I live in Beaumont Texas there are lots of questions about acceptable Moisture Levels. Resistance and Dielectric testing equipment are common. In fact new wood has an allowable Moisture Content of 19% and it is acceptable to accept a load with a 5% of the load with moisture value > than 19%. Energy Star Recommends < or = 18%. I have seen values all over the place and heard all kinds of comments but this is what I know and what I have read and we sell lots of cameras here in East Texas to Saw Mills. There are some very good papers online if you Google Moisture In Building Materials. Of course using good judgement is always # 1.