Moisture Meters-invasive or non invasive

Looking at getting either an ExtechMO200 or MO300. The 200 is invasive while the 300 is pin free. Have never used one on an inspection and have been mulling it over as a tool I will surely need soon and would not look to my client if it was not in the ol tool bag. Any experiences, stories, you can share with me on what your experiences have been with mmeters. would you choose invasive or noninvasive or does it really matter?

Why not get one that does both???

I have one of each. Seems to work out better that way…sometimes.

Here is the one I use…

Ditto, use both all the time, typically a pin meter on exterior timber, and the non-contact for things like tub surrounds and drywall/plaster.



I use both meters also. I carry two different pin-style meters and a Tramex.

I have a Surveymaster and a Tramex.

I use both at almost every inspection.

IMO the Tramex is the better sub-surface meter on materials such as drywall, but does not work well on surfaces such as cermaic tile if ANY surface mositure is present.

And if I could only have one meter, it would be the Surveymaster - I find the 3’ pin extension invualable for getting readings in places could not get the body of either meter, or could not read the results if I could.

Also be aware that any moisutre meter (and especailly subsurface meters) can provide misleading results unless you know how to interpet them - for example the Tramex will indicate a high moistue level in a drywall if it’s above metal such as corner bead.

That is the moisture meter I use … Worth every penny and has paid for itself 3x over.

Here is a good deal on the one I use. Email them for a 10% NACHI discount.
It is a two in one moisture meter, extra add-ons, dvd and 5 year warranty.

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