Mold 10sq ft...

Funny what you find while looking for something else…

Case closed for now

Thank you Thomas!

This argument is over.

Thank the distinguished gentleman from across the aisle…

Not sure if intentional but it looks like someone has our backs…

That, and the near impossible requirements to get a mold assessor license w/out grandfathering.

I thought about obtaining one back in the day but did not want the additional fees, hassles and insurance. I would have had to do quite a few to break even each year. Especially the first. It is a lot easier just to sub it to someone trustworthy.
I spread the wealth when I can :slight_smile:

Thanks Thomas. I wonder if Russell Hensel is now going to pay up on his bet with me.

You might need to get invited on to the adult only forum to get that answered. Hehe…

Sounds boring. Let me guess…it’s moderated. LOL

I am here. I will pay, when you do as you say. Come to Florida perform a mold test and give me the results and lets see what happens. “IF you don’t have a mold assessors license that is”.

Lets test your theory, legally and professionally. I will even pay for the mold sampling, as long as its not Pro Lab, I like professional services…:wink:

Come do an Air sample, then tell me its under 10 SQ feet when its extremely high.

The bet did not require me to fly to Florida to win. I take it you aren’t going to pay off on this bet either.

What was the bet?

I partially remember it. I remember the money went to charity and it was like…$250 or $500 or something like that

Why does it matter if you aren’t going to pay off anyway?

I am asking, I will pay, but if a home inspector gets busted for performing mold tests, you have to pay me back and give to the charity…deal?

How about I give it to the guy who lost his tools and stuff…is that acceptable?

Now i know where this board gets it’s attitude from…NACHI rocks