Mold & Air Quality Inspections

I live in Northern California and have just began the Mold inspection course. My question is how often are you asked if you do mold inspections?
I have been asked a few times now, since I live in the foothills and moisture intrusion seems to be a common problem in our area. I’m just wondering if it is worth it to get the certification?

I am also in Nor Cal. We are asked a lot. We do testing but not inspections.

I would recommend the certification as it is another service you can offer. Quite often it’s door opener. I personally inspect for mold routinely or make mention of suspected mold if I encounter it. I also have an exclusion in my pre inspection agreement, and so should you.
I always bring in the specialists such as a lab for air sampling or a remediation firm who can better handle the cleanup. I’ve helped clients save tens of thousands of dollars.

We do mold remediation and cleaning and are a top source in our state. It is rare that I do a mold inspection in conjunction with an inspection. Mainly, because I have spent so much time with it and have performed 1000’s of cleanings and dry downs that it is second nature. What it also allows me is to not scare the dickens out of folks and keep deals together. We also specialize in attic cleans and get a ton of work from other inspectors. 40 to 50 attics per year alone. It also slows down when it gets cold here. Most of my mold related work is done from April to November 15th (for attics). I do get a lot of inspections because I am the only mold, water, structural drying specialist and fire damage specialist that is a certified home inspector in my state. But it is a very low revenue source from a testing and inspection standpoint. Mold scares people and can be a deal killer if you do not know your stuff and how to communicate it well to your clients and realtors.

We get this inquiry quite often, and have incorporated Mold and Air Quality Testing into services/packages offered down here in Southern California.

Thanks for all the responses, I do appreciate it.

I know this is not mold, but may fit into the air quality arena. I need an apartment inspected for airborne crypto somethings, and a vent removed and residue taken out and tested for cryptco things. My client contracted cryptococcal meningitis from inhaling pigeon poop, and we suspect his apartment was the culprit. Is this something you could do?

I forgot to leave my contact information. Susan Carter, Grace Lea Chang, APC, (626) 796-8808.