Mold and Termite Inspections

I have some confusion about termite inspection and mold. On termite inspections, I didn’t see the reason for a client to pay me for such service or for me to perform one. In NC, the bank is going to order one anyway and call a termite/pest company. If I’m wrong in this thinking, please straighten me out.

Banks rarely if ever request a pest inspection. Only if FHA or VA will that happen in NC is my experience. You shouldn’t request a pest inspection unless you are compensated for it. Mold testing is never required by a lender…that’s my experience.

Give me a call if you have any questions.

Thanks a bunch. I probably will call later just to clarify some things with it to include a conversation I had with a client the other day. Thanks

We operate in 6 different realtor association territories.
In 5 the buyer pays for termite inspection in the 6th the seller is expected to pay. Va requires seller to pay for termite inspection. Talk to a number of realtors and other HIs to determine what is normal in your area.

I get $75 for a termite inspection. It costs at least $1400 in my area to get a home sprayed gor termites. Well worth tge money for the buyer.

The only time a lender will request a mold inspection is when the appraiser spots visible mold and notes it in the appraisal on a government backed loan. According to the loan guidelines HUD 4000.1, a loan cannot be written on a residence with visible mold in the living area that is obtaining a FHA, VA or Rural Devolpment.

The most obvious reason is to make more $$$$$

the next reason is self-protection for YOU.

the next reason is most banks do NOT order one.

Every state has different laws on termite Inspections. What is perfectly legal in one state may be illegal in another.

IMHO. Inspectioning for termites is a very different protocol, even if there is a lot of cross over with the home inspection.