Mold and the NACHI E&o Policy

Just wanted to clarify for anyone in Florida looking to purchase this policy. The policy does not meet the requirements for the Florida mold license.

Don’t make the same mistake that I did. Apparently I didn’t check the correct box on the application. But even so their coverage is only for 100k not 1 million.

Their representative was very belligerent on the phone. Not a company that I would do business with.

What mold license? Mold assessors?

Home inspectors don’t need a mold license (none exists) or a mold assessor’s license (we’re exempt) to test for mold.

Doing stand alone mold assessments / inspections are not exempt from mold-related-service licensing and insurance requirements. Home inspectors and Contractors are exempt from the statute only when operating within the scope of their license.

Correct. That is why we need the 1 million in coverage.

What is a “mold-related service license?”

Bradley, the term “mold-related service license” doesn’t appear in your link.

Anyway, can anyone tell me what a “mold-related service license” is?

It says right at the top of the list Mold related services.

The mold assessor and mold remediator are mold related service licenses. The only two licenses under mold related services.


Yesterday was a great learning experience about insurance for home inspectors.

When applying for this coverage you need to select Indoor Air Quality Testing and Mold Inspection endorsements. They are two separate items. This will meet the Florida requirements per Ben Garrison. Make sure you select both so that you know the true cost of the policy.

The added endorsement increased the cost of the policy. The increase brings their policy in line with most others I checked with. So no real savings by switching.

Make sure if you switch companies that it is the one you want to be with. Because you are stuck with them for at least a year. No other company that I called would write a new policy if I canceled the NACHI policy.

Correct. It doesn’t say “mold-related services license.”


InterNACHI’s E&O insurance program has a few advantage:

First off, InterNACHI owns 1/2 the program, so if you have an issue, you have my phone number.

Second, we own 1/2 of it so that we can fight for you instead of settling which causes your premiums to go up with every carrier.

Third, we have a vanishing deductible. So it pays to stay with InterNACHI.

And lastly, once we get enough members into the program where we are making $500 off of it… I’m going to make InterNACHI membership free.

Glad that’s cleared up…Sorry for the confusion.