Mold Assessor Repot.

Have any of you good members ever writen a mold protocol report. Is, so what should it include? Need your help. EX: mold in bedroom and closet ceiling.

Part of a mold inspection is writing a protocol when mold is found. How are you doing inspections without writing a protocol. I would suggest you get some ride along and report writing experience before you do this report. Unless you got grandfathered into mold inspections, this should have been taught in class and should have been on the test. Doing an improper inspection and report can wind you up in court with the wrong client

Ditto…You should get some refresher training. Start with this:

I write mold protocols damn near everyday. To tell you what it consists of will take at least a week to explain and even longer to understand…

Really, but one good place to start is reading IICRC S500 and IICRC S520

IICRC training is the gold standard. The s520 is the Bible. Along with being a home inspector, I am an IICRC certified firm with 100’s of drydowns, fires, sewage clean-ups, and mold remediations under my belt. If you are going to do mold, I highly suggest you do the Water certification, the Applied Structural Drying with the Microbial course (IICRC courses). It is intense, fun and complete. Best place to go is Kurt Bolden’s lab in Indiana. Check it out.