Mold awareness month.

In 2008, the governors of Georgia, Michigan and several other states proclaimed September 2008 to be Indoor Mold Awareness Month. Earlier this year the Nevada State Legislature also designated September 2009 as National Indoor Toxic Mold Awareness Month.

I think the residents of Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs are getting their own mold awareness. I am doing more mold inspections than home inspections anymore these last couple of weeks. Keep getting referrals from clients with friends that have similar or worse problems. It would be nice if PA did something like that and had good recommendations for the low life landlords that think mold remediation consists of painting over the mold so the tenant can’t see it anymore.

I went up $50.00 on my price on home inspections for I can spend more time on mold. It did not work, so I guess I will raise my home inspection price again. I already charge more then my Industrial Hygienist for mold, so I will wait until he retires from field work to raise my price on mold. He is really my only competition that knows anything about mold. The rest are basically Prolabers, the ones that hand the home owner the lab report and say goodbye, then I get the call from the homeowner to explain the report. Sad but true.

I’ve read every lab report out there, I think. I find PRO-LAB’s to be the most easy to read and understand by consumers.

Even Dr. Shane said that their lab report should not be handed to a client without written interpretation from the inspector. I know because Dr.Shane got drug in on a case In Columbia, Missouri due to a fellow Prolab user, recently. Sad but true.

Dr.Shane did handle the situation very well. The home buyers, who got screwed by the uninformed inspector, are very please that Dr.Shane stepped up and helped out. Dr.Shane is a class act. It looks like the inspector and both real estate companies will be sued heavily for their misdeeds.

Correct. That is because a mold test is but a portion of a mold inspection. Read