Mold Certification in California?

Does anyone know if there is an official certification for Mold Inspectors in California?

No official certification. Mold remediation is another avenue primarily handled by certified building contractors. The primary goal of home inspectors is to verify the presence of mold through various lab tests and field sampling.
It is conditions that bring about mold that are of most concern.

If looking for mold education in California, Dr. Flou at AEMTEK is one of the leading mold experts in the country, she holds some classes in that state.

EMSL has classes here also. But there is no State certification.

EMSL has classes in St. Louis, but they are very poor. It is more of them selling their services, than anything else.
EMLab in California has Dr. Harriet who has some webinars online. Some of the better webinars I ever took.

Too bad that there are no certifications offered. It would help improve the industry if there are certifications given out to mold remediation technicians, including some seminars. Mold removal requires technical know-how so that it won’t grow back.

InterNACHI offers a mold certification for those who have completed all three courses:

  1. How to Perform Mold Inspections Course,
  2. Advanced Mold Inspection Training Course](, and
  3. How to Inspect for Moisture Intrusion Course.