**Before anyone ask’s !!!
The Mold Certification classes in New York do NOT count towards C/E credits for New York State Licensing.:roll:[size=2]


Hey Lenny, does the mol…Uhh, never mind, yuk, yuk, yuk:cool: :cool: :cool:

I did my Mold Classes from PMII…Enjoyed it…but it cost $ 599.00 dollars and a 250 question exam.

I enjoyed Prolabs Mold seminar. I even hosted one this year at my school with the Long Island Chapter under Lens leadership.

Once courses are allowed to submit course approval in NYS, Prolab should consider having the program considered for ce credit. They will have to have the course outline and time sequence approved, the location approved and the instructional staff approved.

Much luck and success to NACHI Members in NY State and throughout the USA and Canada
We are waiting for the state to allow us the opportunity to submit our program for state approval, as are multiple educators in NYS.