Mold Certification


I am a new member to NACHI and I have several questions in regards to Mold Certification. Firstly, when will the next NACHI sponsered mold certification workshop be held in Michigan? Secondly, if you are using an accredited labrotory like Pro-Labs to do your anaylsis do you have retain a special mold certification in order to advertise as a certified mold inspector (since all you are really doing is sampeling the mold and sending it to the lab)? Thirdly, do labs like Pro-Labs require a mold certification in order to sample mold and send it in for analysis? Finally, do labs like Pro-Labs recognize NACHI mold certification or do they require a lab sponsered certification program? Sorry for the amount of questions, once again I am a new member to NACHI and I appreciate you reading and possibly answering this post.

Lee Heintz

Before anything else…welcome to NACHIlandia!

Got me on this one. Any Michigan Chapter dudes know this one?

It has nothing to do with the Labs as much as it has to do with “Knowledge” and if required “State Laws”.

No. Basically if you pay them they will tell you what you sent them.

NACHI does not certify you as a Mold Inspector. The course you take is usually given by either an accredited lab, hoping you will use them after you learn and get certified, or an accredited education firm…they just want the dough.

Lee, and we will bring a 1-day mold certification course right to your doorstep.

Do you need certification in MI?

Many areas of this home had moisture problems that have caused damage. Some structural damage noticed, leaking pipes, foundation leaks, air leaks, missing insulation, poor plumbing practices, past water leaks and active water leaks. Several different colors of mold also noticed. Attic had water intrusion noticed with the thermal camera.
Roof leak.jpg
Foundation leak1.jpg

Foundation leak1.jpg