Mold Certification

I am a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and I recently decided that I would like to look into offering Mold Testing as part of my service. As I’m sure some of you are aware, Virginia now requires licensing to perform this part of the inspection, and as such they require proof of a 24 hour mold testing course which includes a minimum 4 hour hands on section. Most of the courses that I have researched are online courses, and where the 4 hour minimum hands on section is going to come from, I am not sure. I’m wondering if there are others that have crossed this bridge, and how they are dealing with it. Also, while scrolling the NACHI pages, I came across a company called MICRO who offers Ancilliary Services Training for several different services, and I’m wondering if there is any feedback from the members of NACHI on this particular company, and if there are any other companies or resources that would be recommended for mold testing training?

MICRO has a good course for home inspectors.

MICRO is a good company. I bought my first mold starter test kit from them. Good prices on equipment as well.