mold course

getting ready to take the mold course. Any comments on this course?

I recently completed the mold course here. It was almost as difficult as radon. But I did learn much about mold to be able to explain to clients on the testing and the many types of mold. Most people assume if mold is black than that’s a deal breaker. Not the case. I had a property with mold in the crawl space. I didn’t know about it as I should have beening an inspector. I didn’t enter the crawl because it looked unassailable with the old hatch way. Well the buyer had a home inspection done and he removed the whole frame work that was covered by a piece of treated plywood board. The house is 70 years old,so the framework did need to be removed. But when mold is disclosed,it has to be cleaned and treated. Knowing about mold from the course helped me to understand it better than the average person. Mold is everywhere. It should have the same atmosphere count inside and outside. Then it’s not a problem if balanced inside and out. The course teaches this. Good luck

I don’t really encounter much mold on the houses I inspect.
Most are in really good condition.

I did come across some last week and it tested to be “black mold” Stachybotrys, it was a small area. However the mold and water staining was probably coming from a leaky sink above. So I informed the client that there may be mold on the hidden side of the area as well. But that will be up to the remediation company to deal with.

I’m never alarmist about any finding mold or otherwise.
I found the course helpful by the way.

When you’re ready to start sampling choose a good lab.
I use EMSL, they are always really fast in their turnaround time and
easy to work with. They also have training seminars and will sell/provide
with what you need to get started.