Mold E&O Insurance

Two questions:

  1. Do you carry E&O insurance for your mold aspect of your business? If so why or if not why not.
    *]What fees do you pay if you do for $500,000 or $1,000,00 with $1500 deductible?
    Finding different companies are charging a variety of fees for this.

Sent my paperwork in a couple months ago or there about and have not been sent the policy or nothing. Funny thing is I dropped my last insurance for the slowness in getting my binder every year. Pissing me off:twisted:

Call them.


I emailed them about a month maybe a bit less ago and he told me he was sorry and behind, and that he would get right on it! How fast did you get yours from them?

I [believe] several days. It was faxed in and faxed back. I have to admit, my mold testing dropped to zero over the winter, so I didn’t act. I figure when the warmer weather kicks in, I"ll be shopping for mold e&o again.