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Hey guys,
Looking for some help with finding E&O insurance on Mold testing. The link from IAC2 is for Allen Insurance. They no longer have an underwriter for mold. I just recieved all the equipment from Pro-lab and can’t find a company that will write E&O without additional memberships and training. In short, costing me more money to belong to another organization. Any help would be appreciated.


Rudy Kammerude
Kammerude Home Solutions

Did you try Insurance Office of America! Google it! I think you want to speak with Rod Morton or Enid Mendoza. Good luck!
Randy Stufflebeem

I recently got a mold policy through Allen Insurance Group. Lloyds of London is the insurer.

Hey guys, thanks for the help. When I called Allen Tuesday, they said they are not taking new business. I did get a lead on Insurance office of America. Thank you.

Randy J Kammerude
Kammerude Home Solutions

Mold E&O

Microbiological assessment (inspection)
Consulting on Microbiological decontamination projects

they are not the same, lot of inspectors don’t realize that. if you do clearance inspections / testing you should check with your ins. agent about coverage.

Doug Wall
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Just curious, what equipment did you get? Did they sell you the Micro 5?


What was your cost to get set up for mould inspections from prolab?