Mold Fee

What do you charge in your area for mold sampling?

Just curious, thinking about going to 90.00 per min.3

I got contacted by an environmental consulting and remediation company that handles bank forclosure properties throughout the U.S. requesting 4 samples per home (3 interior & 1 baseline). I will extract the samples and overnight them to their lab. I supply blank casettes and overnight FEDEX to their lab. $300 net 30.


I know we have spoken before and I will be getting in touch with you in the future. I will PM you this week with more.


$125.00 per sample

Thats it for answers in INACHI land?

Thanks Linas and James. Hope to get more through out the country.

Do-it-yourself kit

I get 150.00 per sample

I’m at 3 (Pro-Lab) samples for $295.
Outdoor, indoor air, plus either a swab or another air.
Add $20 for FedEx, otherwise mail.

I use the PROLAB overnight mailers for $10 each.

So do I. They are FedEx. :wink: