Mold in HVAC ducts

A listing agent contacted me and said the buyers had an inspection done that claims there is mold in the house. They did have a lab report of some kind, but it never mentioned any air testing. They want $1900 to clean mold in basement, HVAC system and all duct work. Is it ok to assume mold is in the HVAC system/duct work? My thoughts are you don’t know it’s there unless you test it. The report didn’t mention any test of either, just “in the basement”. Thoughts?

Did you see the report what did it say are you the Homeowner or the inspector

I have an option for mold testing in my proposal agreements. If it isn’t requested then I don’t perform anything other than a visual inspection. The report also states that unless previously requested, no sampling or otherwise is being performed. If mold was encountered and it tested positive, the lab report will state the levels (spore count) and the acceptable level of each type. If it’s s liability issue you are concerned with that wasn’t reported, likely you are ok if you followed the protocols.

I’m not involved in the transaction. An agent called me asking questions about it. Wanted my opinion.

That word will kill you fast!

I was surprised the report didn’t mention anything about an air test… That’s where the question/assumption came from.

Any tape lifts taken…swabs?

Got to have the air tested before the ductwork is cleaned. Minimium is one about 10 feet from air handler, and one on any other levels that air handler serves. Of course, make sure the air handler is not running,whenever visible mold is present inside a HVAC system, while conducting the testing.

Sounds like…

Most ductwork cleaners do not even put the ductwork under negative air pressure when it is cleaned. There are standards written for ductwork cleaning and mold removal, which just need to be followed. It is that simple.

There are no national, state, county, city mold standards. For just this reason, IMO, inspectors should stay away from mold testing. Sounds to me that the company is trying to take the owner to “the cleaners”.

You should get at least two more opinions, to keep the first one honest. As James says, there are protocols to follow.