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Hey Mario…
Great find thanks.
I don’t know about you but these articles seem to dispute Mr. Connel’s opinion.
Everybody should read it.
What may have been true a year ago changes in the future which then becomes the norm.
Mr. Conel is soon to be living in the past.

Gerry :slight_smile:


I don’t know about you but these articles seem to dispute Mr. Connel’s opinion.

Yes they do!

Mr. Conell is soon to be living in the past.

Yes ,He is now!

Everything he has posted on our board is/are his own opinions.Nothing scientific about that.

More than likely just scare tatics. I love the handcuff bit.



I have more articles on mold,too large to post here.


Sent you a message. did you get it.

My suggestion to all is to speak at length with any Board Certified Pulmonologist, followed by a discussion with a Board Certified Allergist and Immunologist.

Ask what is known in the medical community, including which theories are supported by the Centers for Disease Control, regarding mold.

The facts do not support some of the hysteria.

A lot of this is marketing, folks. Not that mold isnt real, or that testing isnt lucrative. The only way to understand the issue is to speak to those in the medical community who specialize in some of this stuff. Not the “mold experts”.

Thanks joe.
I have taken many courses to become more knowledgable .
Yes I will be using the IAQ Advertisment.
I do not feel that I will ever be doing mould sampling .
Roy Cooke


I agree that marketing plays a big role in mold and mold testing,so was Home Inspecting 30 years ago.I remember when a friend or a relative was buying a home in the past my father used to get the call,“Andrew I’m thinking of buying this house,can you please have a look at it for me” My father was a carpenter.Later the calls came to me.Look what has happened now Joe!

The same thing will happen to Mold Inspecting,and Testing.I totally agree with Roy, one class will not make you an expert,If anyone plans on doing this as part of services offered they better educate themselfs further.And your advice about talking to the medical community is good as well.


Like you I have taken a few courses other than the Pro-Lab course.Right now I’m not doing testing,but with all the hype, if this thing is going to be lucrative why not!
Last night I watched an episode of Mike Holmes,he was doing a basement reno,he found carpenter ants in the basement,and mold.He called PCO for the carpenter ants and dealt with the mold situation on his own.
As a mold inspector you can’t even say that it is mold,you have to say that it is “suspected” mold,until a lab verifies it as mold.He had his guys rip everything apart, the owners of the house were upstairs while this is happening,he later told them to leave the house because they have mold,he was using a reg.dust mask,no goggles,he did not seal the room,no containment whatsoever!No depressurizing,no Hepa filtration,the list of mistakes was long.I just laughed throughout his show.This to me signals a need for professionals to do testing,and remediation.If we make ourselfs experts in the field of at least the inspection side of mold,why not add it to our list of services?

I got it on Tape and being an electrician I was sure ticked of with many of his statements .
He was correct in that it was an electrical disaster but no HI could have seen the electrical concerns .
He was correct re the plumbing the HI sure did blow it there .
I wonder is Mike qualified to use the chemicals he did ?
Be interesting to see next week . be carefull 2nd addition might be on Thursday.


I agree! It will be interesting to see.

As a publicity stunt CAPHI should see how many defects Mike can find in the test housecompared to their evaluators and compared to thier newbes.


It might just bite them.I would like to see this or at least the results.

One way or another it would be embarrassing for somebody.


Agreed! He might find more than the 11 defects mentioned or he will find less.

Guys, it’s a scripted TV show. There isn’t time in the show to do it all “by the book”. They get the idea of the subject in there and then stage it to represent the concept. It’s not meant to be correct detail for detail.


We are talking about “the test house” for certification.It’s a Canadian thing!!

He’ll tear it all down and then hire subs to rebuild it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gerry :wink:


He has the budget for it [TV]