Mold Inspection Advice

I am just launching the mold avenue of my company and have never actually seen a mold report. I have a great general inspection report but am not completely sure what style to use in the mold thing. If anyone has any advice in launching the mold phase I would be very appreciative.

Curtis Hildebrand
Kingdom Home Inspections

Have you had any mold inspection training?

Yes, I am mold certified but the course didn’t offer any advice in filling out the report.

Wow, what course did you take?

Hang on, let me take that last part back. I do have a sample form here but still wouldn’t mind some advice on setting this up. I’m more of a visual (see and do) type of a guy. If I could just get a couple of tips I think this would go pretty smoothly.

Inspect4mold has great mold reports

Tell us your location. Mold reports are done differently in each part of the country.
Also we need to know what standard you are going to follow when inspecting?


2)** Are there career opportunities for Mold Inspectors?Mold inspections, which typically start at $550.00 and up have become the fastest growing niche market in North America. Mold has been called the "new asbestos" of this decade.With all the health warnings posted by the Government of Canada regarding mold and health in your home the mold inspection industry will only continue to expand.**

[size=2]The “New Asbestos of this Decade” OK, no scare tactics here**.**** :roll:**[/size]



Curtis, we have the InterNACHI IAC2 Mold Template in our software you can download and check out (click Open Template->IAC2 Mold).

There’s a lot of information here. Thanks.

Homegauge has a mold template.