Mold Inspection Agreement

I’ve been working to get all my ducks in a row, and I decided to take a look at InterNACHI’S Mold Agreement, and to my surprise…I can’t find a Mold Agreement. Am I missing something? What are you guys using for your Mold Agreement?

I did find an Agreement for Mold Inspecting. I found it at the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants site, but it is the standard Hard Copy version. Does anyone know if it is possible to convert it to an electronic version?

I am not sure you really need an agreement. You do an assessment and simply show outcomes. Depending on the person, a little mold or a lot of mold could…not shall…but could have effects. That is normally why folks call you. Given that mold and microbial activity is aprx 25% of the earth’s surface, someone would be hard pressed to proved you made a mistake. Just walking outside creates exposure. I am working in a property now where the As/Pen count is 45,000 of the 48,000 count. It was 120 outside. So I need to reduce the count to outdoor levels or less. So, if I got in the 400 As/Pen range, didn’t we do pretty well? Yet, someone could still come after me, That is unless, my outdoor As/Pen count was higher on the day I test. Mold is a fluid entity. The burden of proof is on the individual to prove health related effects. Good luck getting a Dr. to pinpoint that with a diagnosis. Y ou want the home to be as clean as possible. With a reduction as low as you can get it. But keep in mind, and always inform your customers, that simply opening the windows could create exposure as well. Otherwise, stick to the IICRC approach for testing and removal and follow those guidelines. Document everything you do in writing and photos and you will be fine without an agreement.

Jeff, thank you…that makes great sense.

For some reason the link on the documents page does not work.

Here is the correct link

I’ve fixed the link to our Mold Inspection Agreement on our Documents page – thanks, John!