Mold inspection genesis

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Watching the mold inspection videos with Ben, what is the genesis of how an inspection takes place? Does the client come to us(?) with suspected mold in their building and then that’s how an appointment is generated, or is it on the spot based upon observations? I am asking because the videos appear organized by the former, as a seperate mold inspection from the actual inspection. I appreciate your answer!!! :slight_smile:

some clients have a particular concern ( something about the homes history or something they observed), others just are generally nervous about air quality, however for me mold is a small part of my business, but growing

Keep in mind, inspecting for possible “mold” and testing for “mold” are two separate functions in the process.


I’m not sure you have a basic understanding of what a mold inspection is. What is a genesis?

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90% of our came from people with health issues and a doctors recommendation to get their house checked for mold. Very few came out of a home inspection