mold inspection prices?

I am adding mold inspection services to our business,

would like your option on how much other people are charging as i

dont want to price to high or to low.

your help would be appreciated

ltd inspection- 349.
mold clearence-499.


Our Prices

Hope we can raise our prices when new Florida law becomes effective which should get most home inspectors pretending to do mold inspections out of the mix.

You might want to hold off on clearance testing until you get more education and testing under your belt. I have been involved in two cases just this year where a home inspector did not understand mold testing and cleared a house and the occupants got sick. They were really bonehead mistakes that will most likely cost these inspectors their careers and comforts of life. Sad but true.

My prices

Hey Doug,
We are not pretending we are doing it! And taking some of your little business… away from you and making very good $$$$. Your pie continues to shrink…

Shrink? You may take some work but you also create work for us, HI’s in general.
Business is and has been up over 23% every year for last 4 years, and we are opening an office in Orlando this month. We are hiring more people soon. Makes me nervous but it did last year and the year before too. Do the best job and you always win. Job # 972 just posted in schedule for mold.
Keep the faith, we like it.