Mold Inspection SOP's & COE's

Has anyone come across a set of Standards of Practice or Code of Ethics for Mold Inspections? While we are on the subject, does anyone know of any other insurance companies that are offering Mold Inspection E&O insurance? I have only come across one one NACHI’s website.


I believe ESA has Code of Ethics and SOP’s for its members.[


Any legitamite mold organization will have SOPs or COEs. Because of legal liability I would not do any mold inspecting or testing without them. It is always a good idea to carry them with you a professional presentable fashion. You will be surprised how many people will try to discredit you. If they do just the hand to them, that shuts them up in a hurry.

I’ve looked at ESA’s COE’s and I’m not really all that impressed. There are no SOP’s on their site either. I find it kind of had to believe the with all the work that NACHI puts into the SOP’s and COE that the IAC2 does not have a single thing on their site for mold or ancillary testing.

MICRO have good one on inspecting and their education is affordable. You can not beat IESO protocol on testing. Too bad they merged with two serverly lesser organizations (AmIAQ and IAQA) I let IESO know why exactly why I did not renew my membership. Like my membership with NACHI, why be with the rest when you can be with the best.

Before anyone gives advice to what programs to join, what education is the best, tell the true litmus test to mold inspection, Insurance. Find out who offers mold E&O, and what THEY accept as the required education and protocol.


If you are with a good organization, who will have no problem getting E&0.

Just an FYI: