Mold Inspection

To be able to take mold samples from a home and send them to a lab must you be certified in some way, or can you do it just being certified as a basic home inspector?

If you must be certified, does anyone have any reccomendations? I live in PA.

Thanks ahead of time

Certification and air sampling equipment to start out will run about $1000 for basics.

but do you have to be certified to do the sampling? I can add the cost to the customers bill

If you are the home owner or person occupying the house you can take your own sample (test kits sold at big box stores )( Pro-Lab). If you are a home inspector taking sample I would advise that you be certified by a company that trains in sampling and testing. the state of IL does not require any licensing at this time other states may be different, check with the state you are in.

In any field, you need to get the training in first. You also should let the consumer know your limits. Letting the consumer know your limits will keep you from being sued. There are some Industrial Hygienist that make their living off of sueing inspectors, at least this is how Mr. Connelly has admitted making his living. Some people expect a lot from a home inspector.