Mold Inspection

I did a final phase inspection on new construction today. The sales manager pulled me aside to look another new construction and asked me what I thought of the mold like substance on the sheetrock. I told him I would get him a name and contact info of a mold inspector. Any Houston Homies interested?

Will, mold on a new home already ?
Must of been a bad leak !

This builder does 3 story homes very close to each other. Since a lot of the houses are less than 3 feet away from each other one side of the wall needs to be a firewall. So what the guys did was installed sheetrock on house (which had a roof) and decided that since they were there, they would installed the sheetrock on the house next to it (problem was there was no roof on that house). Then it rained… for 2 weeks…
Here is the result (and these are nothing compared to what was on the 3rd floor. The entire sheetrock was covered with mold like substance)

The house isn’t even close the pre-drywall inspection phase…

I bet a drywall contractor gets fired over this.


Call Jonathan Lang 281-300-9276.
A thorough inspector with a great attitude.

Thanks Richard! Will do.

The best, licensed, qualified and experienced (if any of that matters) is:

McKee Environmental 281-482-3403

Also a CIH. Builders in the (hot/humid) Houston area hire these folks as they have the credentials. I’m surprised if a home builder doesn’t already know KcKee Environmental.

The drywall contractor is not a fault. Sub-contractors only do what the general contractor tells them to do. I see a lot of mold in under construction homes. Mold is not new. It was most likely in our caves too.

Thanks Jim. It’s always good to know multiple people in the different fields.