Mold Inspector vs Mold Mitigation

As a GC, I’ve done both, kind of. So, now with licensing, I’d like to have some opinions from the crowd as to which one would be more valuable, or even both.

Go to control panel and enter where you are from…top left of page

Found the “control panel”. Thanks. I’m just lucky I’m logged in. This web site somewhat overwhelms me. The only thing missing seems to be group discounts for health, retirement and services, like phone and software.


There are discounts for software and many tools like moisture meters ect… I see you have been a member since Dec. 2008 with only 6 posts. I know not everyone uses the message board, but ive found it to be a substantial resource for info.

I to would be interested in some feedback on the differet benifits of the mold related license. I’m not sure if it is worth adding to my arsenal of inspections.

Check out the NACHI Mall and you’ll find some of the companies that give discounts to NACHI members.