MOLD Inspector Wanted~Port St Lucie

Anyone out there a licensed mold assessor who wants an order?
The home is in Port St Lucie.
It’s 75 miles one way for me.
Contact me here or

Agent message:
Hi ! its your realtor that gets all the weird houses. Lol.

Do you know an inspector that will just do a MOLD assessment in Port St Lucie? Theres black mold (my viewpoint) on the outside of the a/c box in the garage. The buyer wants to know if its INSIDE the box, and if its affected the a/c, and hence mold remediation.

Thanks Marc

Sounds like he just needs an A/C tech for a cleaning, unless there are more areas affected. Most likely less than 10 sq ft of mold. This is common, but should be cleaned.

I am a Mold Assessor in that area, Marc.

Thanks Brad & Pete.
Pete, I sent you a private message with the contact info.

I won’t name him, but an INachi guy called me. The state records show him as only being an HI, not a mold assessor.
Perhaps he misunderstood…

Marc - why. According to Nick anyone can do a mold inspection

wsiegel falsely claims:

Not true.

It seemed to me…reading your first post…that you did not need a mold assessor for what was probably a minor amount of mold.
Sounded like a slightly invasive inspection and report was necessary, only.

Just trying to help.

Sorry Marv if I was not clear, I thought my words were direct.
Your help will always be appreciated!
I have many requests for home inspections in your area & will try to refer you.

Mr. Siegel, I’m pretty sure the law allows a licensed HI to perform mold sampling
if the need arises in the course of performing a home inspection.
However, without an assessor’s license, you cannot hold yourself out to the public
that you do mold stuff as a stand alone service.
You are prohibited to make a service call for the sole purpose of mold sampling and/or assessments.