Mold Lab Results

Hi, I need some help here,I did a mold inspection after another company did one for the same client and the Z5 air sample results came back completely different. In the same room my results measured 160 M3 and the other company measured 4000 M3. Can anyone clarify the cause of the significant difference? The only difference I can come up with is that the sample volume of the other was set as 75L and mine was set at 25L…Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

Joel. Your question has no answer. There is no mold professional who can tell you without seeing both situations. I have never completed a md test with anything less
Than 150 liters of air. Z5 samples are the industries most unreliable and inaccurate samples used.

Welcome to mold sampling. Test results can vary by the hour and the interpretation of the samples can vary from lab to lab and lab tech to lab tech. Your eyes on site are the best tool you have at your disposal. What was the reason or issue which required testing? What moisture issues or growth did you see?

As Russell said, get rid of the Z-5. Go with a trap that is rated for 150 liters. Follow a standard when pulling the samples. If you are still having problems, email me at . There could be many other things causing the difference.

Joel - Here is the hard truth about mold, it is easy money until you asked exactly what you do and a lawyer calls and finds out you really have no idea what your doing.

Mold testing is not a game an “easy” way to make a few bucks. I have been doing mold testing for about 10 years and constantly learn new stuff. When asked, you better be an authority on the issue, because YOUR the one taking the sample.

How would you feel spending $300 on a car diagnostic for the mechanic to tell you, she isn’t running right but I have no idea why, thanks for the $$$$$.

First do you calibrate your machine before EACH sample? Temp and humidity readings at each sample area. Is that machine calibrated? Do you clean your equipment after each sample? Do you send each samples in a sealed plastic bag? Thats just the PRELIMINARIES BEFORE taking the sample…

So much to mold samples, testing, inspection and interpretation of your lab results. If you don’t know what your doing, please stop before you get sued or cause bodily harm.

This is no way a personal attack, you are 1 in 10,000 doing this and it should stop. It is not a matter of IF you get called into court, just a matter of WHEN…

What is a average price for a lab test?

$25.00 and you provide the testing supplies. The more volume you do the cheaper the lab fees will be. EMSL is higher than that. My Industrial Hygienist will supply the supplies, but most labs will make you pay for your own.