Mold Labs and Warrantees

(James L. Keilson, CMI, Certified Master Inspector) #1

So I was wondering if there is there are any other mold labs out there that offer any warrantees such as offered by Nathans new InspectorLab ?

I am currently doing a fair amount of testing and we always want to keep on top of what’s available to improve on what we do and offer our clients.

I was hoping that Nick would come out with something for his iac2 members like he did with the Inspector Buy Back program.

I currently use EMSL an have no issues with their lab techs and personnel they happen to have an office 15 mins from our office. I go in 1-2 times per day and their staff (at least in the office I use) is great., But their reporting software seems to be in great need of some major updating. I have told them many times and nothing ever has been done or corrected. I sure wish they had better integrative reports an a warranty system such as inspector lab claims to be offering.

OK so what light, if any can anyone shed on this topic?, are there any other mold labs with such a guaranty as inspectorlab ? or is that just a gimmick ?

Please discuss.


(Russell J. Hensel) #2


(Jeffrey R. Jonas) #3

**IMO… just another piece of the “gimmick” pie! **
It’s simply a “USP” to him.









(James L. Keilson, CMI, Certified Master Inspector) #4

Thanks Jeff and Russell. I figured as much, just doing some polkaing around. I figured when only 1 place is doing it, and it’s from the gimmick kid himself, it must be another useless widget.

Nice to see you around Russell, long time. Hope all is going well for you.


(James E. Braun, CMI) #5

There is just no way a lab can tell if mold is present or not at a site. Visible mold can be present, but still not putting out spores enough to be detected. I am hoping to run across a mold clearance job that the lab has that guarantee, so I can see if the lab will actually pay out.
I been doing this with the free 90 day warranties that the inspector missed defects on. So far they have never paid a claim, so the buyers had to go after the inspector.

(James L. Keilson, CMI, Certified Master Inspector) #6

Jim I agree with you completely .

Anyone know of this or who they are? or the good, the bad or the ugly?

To me the owners company name looks to close to a familiar snake oil vendor.


(Jeffrey R. Jonas) #7
(Greg Bell, Sr CMI) #8

Nice to see that other companies are learning from the leader in mold testing.

(Douglas Wall) #9

I love this quote - home inspectors should read this over and over and over

EMSL is a great lab, we have worked with them for years and send them thousands of samples every year. Great for other environmental sampling too - I would hope home inspectors just stick to mold sampling but we do have a couple pretending to perform formaldyhe “testing” lately.

Why would you need a warranty if you have a million dollar E&O - (we carry $2 million for government and contractor work)

Guess I should be quiet and let the wolves loose on the public - everyone enjoy their week