Mold Labs

I would like to get the negatives and positives for the following Labs:

EMLab P&k - Positive (lots of labs)
Negative - Cost $30.00 per sample

EMLS - (never used them)

Pro-Labs - A negative (one lab) - **Positive **Guaranteed pricing


I have said it before. Find a local lab. You should have one nearby. Even if you have to pay a couple more dollars per sample, having the benefit of being able to walk in and ask questions is priceless.

You get to learn, get to know the people there and build relationships.

I would be lost if I used a large out of state lab. My local lab is golden.

EMSL is a pretty good lab. I use them for everything excpt for mold and bacteria. Mold is Springfield Indoor Air Quality .

I’m going to try to find a local lab here in Columbus, OH. I agree with Sean there is nothing like building relationships face to face. Plus mailing my samples out just is not cutting it. Anyone use a lab here in Columbus? Recommendations go a long way. Thanks guys!

For what it’s worth to your decision making process: PRO-LAB’s owner has always financially supported InterNACHI on an unfathomable scale. For many years, he has made millions of dollars available to us.

What’s the connection of Prolab to Inachi? I noticed that on pictures of the home show paraphenalia that “Prolab” is prominently displayed on the table banner? among many other things. PRO-LAB is our sister laboratory. They covertly feed consumer traffic to

Hi Justin,
If it helps, MoldReport has an exclusive offer for InterNACHI members during September 2012. No need to pre-pay. You’ll also get free FedEx shipping with no hidden fees.

Although we don’t have a lab in Columbus, OH, we have analysts and microbiologists who are approachable and accessible (via phone or email).