mold labs?

I tried a forum search…but it failed me…as did Google.
Anybody know where I can access a list of accredited mold testing labs?
OR any experienced suggestions of who to use?

Where are you located

Try Hayes Microbial

The QA/QC program at EMSL ensures that you will receive scientifically sound, legally defensible data. Many of our microbiology laboratories maintain accreditation under the American Industrial Hygiene Environmental Microbiology Program (AIHE EMLAP) for the analysis of indoor air quality samples. Several of our labs are pursuing advanced accreditation under the A2LA and FDA GMP/cGLP program for food, dietary supplements, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical analysis.

williamsburg, VA

A couple labs have booths at the upcoming Vegas Conference.

Thanks for the 411, folks!
BTW: Do people still use the term “411” ?
Ahh - probably not, but Thanks!

No, they use Google now.:wink: