Mold observed

Picture taken at basement doorway. Mold shows more than one color? Any thoughts or comments appreciated. Thanks.

Could contain some mold, but definitely there is some wood rot. The moisture intrusion that is getting in is most likely the real concern and cause of both issues.


Mold growth comes in many colors.
Black, white, yellow, green etc…

The mold is a small issue there. Where is the water coming from? Also, the materials are touching the floor, allowing wicking of said moisture. Seems like water has been collecting in this area for awhile. I wouldn’t blow mold out of proportion here. I would talk more about the moisture issue. People make themselves hysterical about mold. You need to be careful indeed, but you need to not scare folks and play into their hysteria. You will know what I am saying when it happens. Keep the highest levels of common sense in these issues. If it is less than 10 ft.2, talk about removal and repair. But focus on the moisture that is ruining materials. Microbial growth, start with that language. And don’t suggest further testing if it is less than 10 ft.2. Recommend removal and repair.

Looks like a mop stain.