mold question

i have been researching Stachybotys mold, for the examin, and the options on the examin are green, black, red, or gold mold… now i know its greenish black, but which catagory would it fall into green or black mold?? i say black

I wouldn’t declare any species of mold based on color. The media pushes that there is a killer ‘black’ mold, but I say read the lab report.


yea i agree, but this question is for the NACHI exam thats the only reason i would classify without lab resutls

Now I don’t remember that question, however not being able to see the context it is written, I can only guess it’s a weak question. I’ve seen “Stachybotrys” appear grey-ish brown. It was growing on a dirty ceiling tile.

So see why I don’t go by color, and for testing purposes, might want to just guess what the media pushes.

just saying…