Mold, Radon and FEMA classes at convention

Does anyone know whether Certification will be offered with these classes and approximately what time they are expected to end on Wednesday. I have a 7pm flight leaving and I want to make sure I can complete the class and make the flight
David Matthews

These are 8 hour classes that should end around 4pm. The radon is a 16 hour class for certification (Tue and Wed).

Hi David,

I am taking the radon class also. I would be glad to give a fellow Buckeye a ride to the airport if you need it.

Do you get many calls in your area for radon, Greg?

I have received a lot of requests in the last year for this service. With that and the built in market for testing I believe that it will add to the bottom line.

That’s cool. I have had only one call in four years, and that was for a day care center. It was quite a good source of revenue for me in VA, hopefully it will do well for you!

Greg, Thanks. I may take you up on the ride. Great to hear from a fellow Buckeye. How long since you lived up north?