Mold / radon supplies ?

For those who have been doing mold and radon work for some time, I would be interested in hearing about which sources you have found to be the most reliable and cost-effective for supplies. TIA

For mold analysis and supplies= EMSL

Most labs will give you free supplies.

Linas, Do you currently use EMSL? I’m on their website and I see nothing about the test kits. Any info?

James, which labs provide free supplies?



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thousands of jobs and still happy with these:
EMSL for mold, VOC’s etc.
Air Chek, Inc. for radon

friends like Emlab, great info source

Springfield Indoor Air Quality
And you got to negotiate with EMSL.

I have been happy with EMSL as well. You may also want to look at this site that has all kinds of information on supplies, laboratories, etc. from people all over the industry. and