Mold related services

This is another reason we need to stand together and donate to your legislative affairs!

Attention All State Certified Division 1 Contractors:

By way of a Declaratory Statement, the CILB has ruled that Division 1
(General, Building, & Residential) Contractors ARE authorized to perform
Mold Remediation and Mold Assessment services WITHOUT obtaining licensure
under 468 as a mold assessor or remediation contractor. Contractors licensed
under the Construction Board will not need to complete to complete
continuing education OR comply with the insurance provisions for Mold
Related Services

Is that a done deal?

I’m not sure I’m following, are you saying that is bad or good? I can see it both ways.

This is a bad thing period. It is unfair that contractors do not have to play by ther same rules. In my opion grandfathering is one thing and we have moved on from that. Although I personally (because I am a GC) would be allowed to perform these services under my contractors license and be able to reduce my License and insurance cost, it is unfair to mold assessors and does not abide by the protections put in place for the consumer.

It opens the doors to allowing anyone to compete without the overhead. Is that fair? Contruction industry does not allow unlicensed and uninsured activity so why would the inspection industry.

The reason I can see it both ways is because of the lack of competition for “mold assessors”(aka mold remediators). They have a media hyped topic with enormous amounts of mis-information floating around and the excessive services and prices they charge for what they call remediation reflects it. Having the pool expanded a bit could simply worsen that situation or it might force mold treatment services back to reality.

On just the assessment side of things I agree, there are so many variables to properly evaluating mold and moisture issues that some regulation is a good thing. I’m amazed at the incorrect evaluations even many assessors perform, let alone contractors with limited experience.

Consumers do get scared into thousands of dollars of unnecessary services, I just can’t decide if enlarging the pool of remediators would help or hurt that.

can u post a link where you got this info? Thanks

Mold remediators are not allowed to do the assessment on their own projects

Doug will be here in a little bit, and it may not be preety

Unfortunately here in Illinois that is not the case. Assessors and remediators are one and the same and it is consumers who get shafted.

I think it’s great - we can only do 1100 jobs a year it seems -within 10 each year. Fed’s won’t hire them.


Life is not fair.

It also is not fair that Home Inspectors are now allowed to do inspections that once only Architects, Engineers and General Contractors could do.
It is not fair that I have to compete with 7000 new folks that likely do not even come close to the building experience I have. It is not fair that I must pay to have and maintain a license to do something the State agrees that I am already qualified to do. I can build anything I want but I need to have a separate license to inspect something someone else built. More bull-crap. Suck it up like I have had to do for the last several years.

Maybe they figured that since they have screwed the Division 1 contractors so many,many times it was time to give something back.

I have an idea lets just do what someone with brains figured a while back, lets just get rid of home inspector licensing period :slight_smile:

You may attack at will, have fun :twisted:

where did you get this statement, Preston? Also, I did not understand Doug’s comment - GC’s can do ten per year or 1100 per year??

Thank you Preston, you made my day!

We catch our limit every year, with or without a license.
We can only physically do about 1100 jobs a year (1110 in 2011, 1097 in 2010, 1121 in 2009, 1078 in 2008-had to look that one up)
I don’t think it will affect us. We can always get HI license if things get bad. We have several spots on each 1st page for Home inspectors from Port Charlotte to Marco island promoting HI’s we work with, so we could promote our selves if need be.
They let home inspectors get a mold license and it hasn’t hurt our business. We work with several contractors that learned the hard way they need a good mold inspection to properly remediate.
Much to do about nothing is my view. Sooner or later the smart client understands what they need. These clients have: Social Security Offices, EPA, Florida Fish and Wildlife, Ft Myers Housing Authority, Collier County, City of Naples, Lee County, BCB Homes, London Bay, Ava Maria Develop., Barron Collier Company, Bay Colony Community Assoc., Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Golden Gate Fire and Rescue District, thousands of Homebuyers, Homeowners, hundreds of Builders, Developers, Homeowners Associations, Law Offices, Insurance companies and Home Inspectors

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This is why we need a lobbyist, how did this get through? Guess, in July the captain was alseep at the wheel.

You all can be smug about this, wait until in the middle of the night the Home Inspector one comes into ruling and gets through. Its going to happen this is the sleeper that will lead to that.

Have fun competing with people who will be allowed to work on the items they find defective…cost of Home Inspection $0…compete with Free…

I am taking a proactive stance with Steve Taylor…I am giving money for a different lobbyist and hope these things do not pass through the night without people noticing.

According to the law, they can test, clean and then perform their own clearance test.

I have come to realize that many do not view this as a profession, hence I am going to pay for my own lobbyist with a few other people. You guys can go down with a whimper, I am going down swinging.

This is an excellent example of why we MUST fund the Legislative initiatives that impact our livelihoods.

No doubt this benefits me directly as a GC. However, It also concerns me as a full-time inspector.

It’s obvious that the better organized and funded political arm of the Contractors is looking out for their interests.

It’s time ALL inspectors funnel their energy into donating to the Legislative fund and contribute positively to organizations like the FHII.

I challenge all those out there to put their money where their mouth is and contribute.

(Thats not a jab a Russell of others who have contributed far more than their share in time & dollars). :slight_smile:


Doug, knowledgeable trades are always necessary to a complete project. I doubt many GC’s are interested in performing sampling, writing remediation plans or clearance sampling. Most HI’s only want to sample; they don’t want the planning/remediation either.

Over 1000 jobs a year - that is impressive.