Mold remediators service needed

Hello all, I need to make a referral -
A local REA is listing a home for a friend. This REA is a bit unusual (in a good way) in that he does not like problems in his listings. He knows there is a major mold problem, as does the homeowner. The homeowner wants the agent to locate a remediator. I know of no remediator (that I feel comfortable giving a referral to) in the area. Can anyone give me a referral on a remediation specialist? The home is in the Otsego County area, near the town of Worcester. (Thats NY, not the Massachusettes "Wusta’, thank you!) My landline is 518 827 4852
Thanks in advance

The IICRC has a web site that will list qualified remediators in your area.
Doug. (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification)