Mold Sampling Equip - Any thoughts?

Thanks Russ.

Will do later today!

hi I have that pump and it works great. I was looking at the web site and noticed that furtherdown number 806007 has two pumps for almost the same price. Get an account with a lab to test your samples and some give the sampling media almost free. you will need a good mask to do the samples, moisture meter, bore scope, protimeter and rubber gloves just for a start

depends on what you use to kill it. Easy decon 200 does not contain any toxic waste you finish fogging with it. All that is neccessary is a coat of kilz to prime what you are going to paint. In a couple of hours it dries so clean off the residue with water or if heavily stained with a very mild bleach solution. Not all that looks like mold is mold. Mold fungi are microscopic so you need to determine if what you are dealing with and before and afterwards samples are neccessary to compare to. sometimes under extreme conditions a second dose may be neccessary but if done right the first time it should not be a need to spray again.

Thought this was interesting:
"Inspectors exempt from mold detection"
September 19, 2009

Before buying my home, I hired a home inspector. He found a few minor defects, but the report was basically clean.
Then, after moving in, I found a large growth of black mold at the bathtub plumbing access. The mold growth was so pervasive that a large portion of the house had to be gutted and refinished. If our inspector had done a more thorough job, we could have saved thousands of dollars in repair costs. Do we have any recourse against our inspector?
DEAR LAURIE: Mold is officially outside the scope of a home inspection, as are all environmental hazards. Conditions of that kind are specifically disclaimed in home inspection contracts and are listed by all recognized home inspection associations as not within the scope of a home inspection.
… Further evaluation by a qualified mold specialist is recommended."

Read more:

I just got done clearing a house after cleanup that was inspected by a fellow member and it was full of mold. I told the new homeowner that it is not the home inspector’s fault, you should had a mold inspection. He agreed and is now suing the seller.

I personally think the inspector should have at least caught some of the water intrusions but of course it is out of our SOP to use a moisture meter if we see staining. To each his own.

FYI: Bleach and Kilz are not recognized in the mold industry has acceptable methods of remediation.