!!!!!!!!!! Mold Seminar Update !!!!!!!!!!

!!! Mold seminar Update !!!
I am sorry to say but the Mold Seminar for February 23rd is full.
We are putting another seminar together for either March or April.
Keep checking the B/B and www.linachi.org for updates

Regards Len & Bill

The February 23rd, 2006 mold intro. course is full. We are Planning a new course, with the help of Pro-Lab within the next 45 to 60 days. I was hoping for an overflow date and or an entirely new date.

Go to www.linachi.org](http://www.linachi.org) for more information.

e-mail Len Ungar at allaround@optonline.net if you wish to enroll in the upcoming class in New York/Long Island