Mold software?

I just took the initial mold inspection class and already the vultures…I mean vendors are circling. About 12 hours after I got home, I got a call from someone wanting to sell me mold software. I was busy at the time and asked her to email me the info on it. I never received the email, so I have no idea what company it is.

I started thinking, which occasionally happens believe it or not, and wondered if I need software. The way I understood the instructor, I take the samples and send them to the lab. They test it and write a report which I give to the client. If the client has questions, they call the lab. The only thing I can think of to write is a cover letter to attach to the lab’s report.

I figure that if software was needed, ProLab would try to sell it to me. They have everything else in their catalog. They even have electrical testers in there. The only environmental hazard you can detect with those is darkness. I can do that just by opening my eyes once in a while. Anyway, I can’t think of a use for software specific to mold at this point in my education. Can you?

You don’t need mold software. Geeze. Pretty soon they’ll try to sell you your own kitchen sink! (am rolling eyes, just tired and you can’t tell)

I bought that after the plumbing class. The big selling point was “no installation required”.

I think the mold class at ( ) offers the MOLD Software in their package.

I use my regular home inspection software. Homegauge. In a formal mold report, you do need to report the following. Siding type, foundation, shingles make. Kind of like a home inspection. Even though there are not set standards yet, what are you going to do if you get drug into court? What report will you show? ProLab cannot tell you why you took the sample where and why you did. You must have that in your report.

Just to sum it up. For now. Use your normal HI software and delete whatever part of the software is not relevant to your inspection. For example: you do not need to report on the electric, so don’t have it in your mold report.

If you have any questions feel free to email, private message, call me or just post it here.

Hope this helps.

Yes. It costs $100. It takes longer to write than the inspection took to perform. Don’t go there. I have the software. Don’t like it.

Thanks Shane. I did not think of the ones that were strictly mold inspections. I was only thinking of mold in addition to the normal home inspection.