Mold test company

I was wondering if anyone has heard of his company. Mold test company they look to hire people to do mold test for them and they are a member of nachi. any comments please… thank you

What is the name of the company and where is it?

the name is Mold test company out of Atlanta. owners name is David Mechwart I have been looking for any bad reviews could not find any. They say they deal with nachi so I thought I ask.

I didn’t see any reviews on Google and the company seems to be 30 mile N/E of Atlanta.

Also, any company can and will say that they work with InterNACHI…Nick expects that the members will vet the companies themselves and share back on the forum with their experience.

Best to you, Randy.

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Everyone says that, means absolutely nothing.


I get calls all the time from this person or that company…Claiming they have “partnered with InterNACHI”…I have found most (ALL) of it (BS) and to be the same as those that claim they are "Partnered with Google…saying you are not showing up on search engines…blah…blah.

How about the ones that have “partnered with and they recommended you to be their exclusive HI” on their folders they give out to buyers…Again total Horse Hockey…

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