Mold Test Kit for sale

EMS Cyclex-D Deluxe IAQ and Toxic Mold Test Kit
Cyclex-D Deluxe IAQ and Toxic Mold Test Kit provides everything you need for Indoor Air Quality and Toxic Mold Testing
This high efficiency Bioaerosol sampler evenly and quantitatively collects samples of all aeroallergens: pollens, mold, fungal spores, fibers, danders and insect components.
Pioneered to reduce user error and sample contamination, unit uses an Cyclex-D cassette for collection. Leave no stone unturned-monitor is easy-to-use, convenient and utilizes disposable cassettes. Simply take sample collection on cassette and send off to lab for analysis.
This Mold Kit includes the following items:
3-30 LPM IAQ Pump
5 wall checks
5 pack of cassettes
20 mold swabs
IAQ Stand
Heavy Duty case
NORTH Full-Face Respirator, Low-Maintenance - Medium/Large
This North Safety Full-Face Respirator requires low maintenance and provides a great field of vision.
Item #: 54636ML
Manufacturer: North Safety
Manufacturer Item #: 54001/ LAB

Also included 8 Air check radon test kits

Retail value from Professional Equipment $650
All in new condition Asking $450