Mold Test USA Needs Certified Mold Inspectors

We are looking for people with enthusiasm, a positive attitude and a wiliness to learn.

Mold Test USA Guiding Principals:

Mold Test USA is a growing nationwide mold testing and inspection company. We are currently located in 45 states. We have been featured on the CBS show, “The Doctors”, The Weather Channel and interviewed on many local radio and news shows including MSN and FOX. Our national corporate accounts include Lowes, Office Depot, Home Depot, CVS, Tractor Supply, The Marriot, The Red Cross and many banking institutions.

We believe in honest and ethical business practices. We are empathetic and we truly care about the welfare of every customer.

We value each of our inspector partners and realize their role is critical for our success. Our motto is: “Say what you do, then do what you said.”

Why Partner With Mold Test USA:

 We sell you through the door for $450 for an inspection and two samples, with each additional sample for $85.
 You will make $125 base per job, plus 25% for 1 additional sample, 30% for 2 to 5 additional samples, and 35% for 6 or more additional samples above the 2 samples included in the base price. Our inspectors average $150 per job.
 Commercial properties pay 25% of the total cost when negotiated from the office.
 We are a distributor for Greentech Environmental. You will also have the opportunity to sell our air purifiers. Your commission is $150 for the GT3000 and $75 for the GT1500.

 We pay for the FedEx envelopes/labels and lab processing. You pay for the cassettes. You send the samples to the lab we use, and email us the job paperwork the same day of the job. We take over from there.

 We will send you your money by direct deposit or by check on the 1st and the 15th unless this falls on a weekend or holiday then it is sent the following business day.

 A computer with Internet access, and a scanner/printer.
 A copy of General Liability Insurance.
 A copy of your mold certification.
 Complete independent contractor paperwork.
 Complete our company orientation. Takes ~ 60 to 90 minutes depending on the amount of questions you may have.

 Test Kit, cassettes, moisture meter and humidity reader. The lab we use has discounted pricing for these items. For equipment information, please visit
If you are interested please contact me by email or call me at 877-554-6653 or 803-310-6034. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Chris Harwell