Mold Test USA

Has anyone had any experience with a company called Mold Test USA. A referral company. They claim that they will send me at least two test a week. I’ve always been leery about these companies but they have made it sound like no strings attached. They called from a phone number out of South Carolina.

Hi Kenneth,
I realize this was posted years ago, however I too was recently contacted by Mold Test USA and would like to know if anyone would like to offer any insights or share there experience regarding this organization. Thank you in advance, Tom.

I know this is late but from what I have heard – stay away.

Would you please identify yourself. Otherwise few will believe anything you say.

I was reviewing their website & found a statement that makes no sense at all.

“They call Florida the sunshine state for a good reason. The sun is always shining.
This makes the climate perfect for mold exposure.”

How does the sun always shining make the perfect climate for mold?
UV sunlight is mold’s enemy.

People involved in mold testing and remediation can at times be some of the most imaginative individuals you’ll ever meet. :slight_smile: